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European Wood Company™

For more than 35 years, Tom Goddijn, the founder of European Wood Company, has been perfecting the art of hand-sculpted wood floors. An artisan with an eye for detail. Tom’s love of hand-picked boards, distressed surfaces, and unique colors was honed over the years in the workshop and in the field, as he installed and designed floors across Holland and Europe.

Tom is a renaissance man of many talents and extraordinary knowledge. He has been working with European woods most of his career as a floor manufacturer. He is an artist with an inclination for mathematics, and the craftsmanship of a carpenter that knows the best treatment for each wood. With Tom's technical knowledge, and his science to improve floor’s beauty but most importantly performance and long lasting years. He has a personal relationship with the materials he shapes into works of art. His floors are ones that evoke conversations, admiration, and are made to last.