Nova Tile & Stone product lines


Accents are typically used to add additional detail to the design of an otherwise standard tile layout. Mosaics, Listellos and decorative inserts help to add character unique to your tile project. In this category you will find a wide variety of accents to browse through and match with the other products used. Save your favorites to your profile and have a look at our project ideas section to get great design ideas or find a local designer whose work you admire!


Countertops can be designed from many materials, however in this section we will showcase primarily granite, marble and quartz colors available to choose from. With a wide variety of prefabricated stone this section should give you the building blocks to identify the colors and materials that are right for you.

Raw Slab

Before hitting the factory for standard measurements, granite, marble, travertine and quartz stones are cut into large raw slabs typically 2-3cm thick. Raw slabs give you a wider range of materials to design your counters, showers, and accent pieces. Find the colors you like and contact us for availability and viewing of each unique slab available to you. Then browse our project ideas section to find the right local fabricator to customize your raw slab into exactly what you're looking for.


Tile is one of the most versitile building materials available for any part of your home. Available in porcelains and natural stone, tile will give you 1000s of color, size and design options to make your home as unique as you are. Browse the tile section to start your journey, then come in and visit our expansive showroom and we will help you get exactly what you're lookng for.